Our industry-standard software suite, GC Image, consists of three related platforms: GC Image,  GC Project, and Image Investigator, which work together to provide both targeted and un-targeted chromatographic analysis. For 20 years, GC Image software has continually expanded in scope and capability. It is the most full-featured and powerful GCxGC analysis software available.

  • Features


  • GC Image
    • Imports and displays GC x GC data
    • Finds and integrates GC x GC peaks from most single-channel and many spectral detectors:
      • Agilent 6890, 7890, and 8890 FID, SCD, NPD
      • Agilent GC-QTOF systems
      • Shimadzu QP 2010, QP 2010Plus, and QP 2020 GCMS systems
      • Thermo Trace GC, FID
      • LECO Pegasus GC x GC x TOFMS systems
      • JEOL AccuTOFMS
    • Supports
      • User-defined templates for quick peak identification
      • Mass spectral library search
      • User programmable mass spectral feature detection
      • Macro Scripting, and many other features.

GC Project

  • Supports batch quantitation
  • Can generate ASTM compliant methods/reports

Image Investigator

  • PCA
  • Fisher Discriminant
  • + many other correlative analytics for multi-image comparison and non-targeted analyses.

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