Zoex equipment finds extensive application in environmental science, food chemistry and safety, flavors, fragrances, and cosmetics. Metabolomics is another major application area, and forensic applications are being explored. Our equipment is also a mainstay of biofuels and other bio-derived product research and development. 

Peer-Reviewed Studies Employing Zoex Solutions

Read publications from researchers around the world who have employed Zoex equipment for groundbreaking work


Zoex systems have led to breakthroughs in the detection and characterization of environmental pollutants and contaminants in all matrices of interest: air, water, soil, sediments, foods, medicines, and more.


Previously intractable problems in food safety, e.g., the separation of all PCB cogeners, were solved using Zoex systems. GCxGC is now accepted as indispensable to research in food chemistry and safety.


People, plants, animals, microbes, and fungi all have metabolomes. GCxGC "fingerprinting" provides the most complete characterization of volatile and semi-volatile fractions of metabolomes. Thousands of peaks are observed in bio fluid and tissue extracts.


Bio-derived products, often pyrolyzates, are among the most complex chemical mixtures ever observed. Thermally modulated GCxGC is essential for analyses of bio-derived materials and products. Zoex technology has played a leading role in these lines of R&D.

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