• ZX1ThermalModulator

    The ZX1 thermal modulation system provides the lowest practical temperature for thermal modulation, hence modulates the widest range (C2 to C55) of organic compounds. Even methane has been modulated with liquid nitrogen cooled gas jets like those in the ZX1. Our improved cryogenic heat exchange system minimizes LN2 usage. Installation and use are extremely simple. This system is time tested and robust.

  • ZX2 Thermal Modulator

    Eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen for thermal modulation. The ZX2 employs a closed cycle refrigerator/heat exchanger to produce -90° cold jet. The ZX2 modulates volatile and semi volatile compounds over the C7+ range. True “set it and forget it” operation for long periods of time, suitable for busy service analysis situations.

  • Secondary Oven

    The Secondary Oven allows for independent temperature control of the second dimension column.

  • LN2 Auto Fill Unit

    Monitor and transfer liquid nitrogen into the heat exchange dewar provided in the GC x GC retrofit kit.

  • Column Holder

    Enable multiple column sets to be assembled and switched easily for different applications.