GCxGC Biofuel Studies

Peer-reviewed studies employing Zoex solutions

  • Bio-derived Products
  • Bioremediation
  • Industrial Chemicals


Cost-effective FTIR and 1H NMR spectrometry used to screen valuable molecules extracted from selected West African trees by a sustainable biochar process 

Catalytic fast pyrolysis of cellulose over Ce0.8Zr0.2-xAlxO2 catalysts to produce aromatic hydrocarbons: Analytical Py-GC × GC/MS 

Optimizing NieCe/HZSM-5 catalysts for ex-situ conversion of pine wood pyrolytic vapours into light aromatics and phenolic compounds 

Comprehensive mechanism of initial stage for lignin pyrolysis 

Production of rice husk bio-oil and comprehensive characterization (qualitative and quantitative) by HPLC/PDA and GC GC/qMS 

Investigation of the pyrolysis characteristics of guaiacol lignin using T combined Py-GC × GC/TOF-MS and in-situ FTIR 

Investigation into the yields and characteristics of products from lignite low- temperature pyrolysis under CO2 and N2 atmospheres 

Lignin catalytic hydroconversion in a semi-continuous reactor: An T experimental study 

Valorization of coffee silverskin industrial waste by pyrolysis: From optimization of bio-oil production to chemical characterization by GC × GC/qMS

Chromatographic characterization of bio-oils from fast pyrolysis of sugar cane residues (straw and bagasse) from four genotypes of the Saccharum Complex

A Convergent Approach for a Deep Converting Lignin-First Biorefinery Rendering High-Energy-Density Drop-in Fuels 

Hydroprocessing of lipids extracted from marine microalgae Nannochloropsis T 1. over sulfided CoMoP/Al2O3 catalyst

Supported oxides catalysts for the dehydration of isobutanol into butenes: Relationships between acidic and catalytic properties 

Catalytic conversion of beech wood pyrolytic vapors 

Optimizing the bio-gasoline quantity and quality in fluid catalytic cracking co-refining 

TUD-1 type aluminosilicate acid catalysts for 1-butene oligomerisation

Full characterization of compounds obtained from fractional distillation and upgrading of a HTL biocrude 

Bifunctional Ni catalysts for the one-pot conversion of Organosolv lignin into cycloalkanes 

Lignin hydroconversion on MoS2-based supported catalyst: Comprehensive analysis of products and reaction scheme 

Integrated reduction and acid-catalysed conversion of furfural in alcohol medium using Zr,Al-containing ordered micro/mesoporous silicates 

Comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography with fast-quadrupole mass spectrometry detector analysis of polar compounds extracted from the bio-oil from the pyrolysis of sawdust 

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin bio-oils by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with time-of-flight mass spectrometry 

Catalytic hydroconversion of a wheat straw soda lignin: Characterization of the products and the lignin residue 

Hydrotreating of fast pyrolysis oils from protein-rich pennycress seed presscake 

Analysis of fractions and bio-oil of sugar cane straw by one-dimensional and two-dimensional gas chromatography with quadrupole mass spectrometry (GC × GC/qMS) 

Conversion of furfuryl alcohol to ethyl levulinate using porous aluminosilicate acid catalysts  

Aqueous phase reactions of pentoses in the presence of nanocrystalline zeolite beta: Identification of by-products and kinetic modelling  

Catalytic dehydration of d-xylose to 2-furfuraldehyde in the presence of Zr-(W,Al) mixed oxides. Tracing by-products using two-dimensional gas chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of pyrolysis oil by gas chromatography with flame ionization detection and comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with time-of-flight mass spectrometry 

Biomass derived feedstock co-processing with vacuum gas oil for second-generation fuel production in FCC units 

Co-processing of pyrolisis bio oils and gas oil for new generation of bio-fuels: Hydrodeoxygenation of guaı ̈acol and SRGO mixed feed

Micro-pyrolysis of technical lignins in a new modular rig and product analysis by GC–MS/FID and GC GC–TOFMS/FID 

Identification and classification of components in flash pyrolysis oil and hydrodeoxygenated oils by two-dimensional gas chromatography and time-of-flight mass spectrometry 

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